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About Oldham Council

Our co-operative approach

Oldham Council is committed to developing a co-operative future; one where citizens, partners and staff work together to improve the borough and create a confident and ambitious place.

Put simply, becoming a co-operative borough is about everybody doing their bit and everybody benefitting.

In Oldham, working co-operatively can mean many different things. It’s not just about delivering services through co-operatives or mutuals, it’s about working in a way which helps to empower residents to take greater control of their own lives but also gets the maximum benefit from the resources that are available to the community and public sector.

It also encompasses a much broader range of approaches that reflect the values and ethos of co-operative working. This means working in ways which are ethical, fair and deliver good social value as well as value-for-money. It also means giving residents the opportunity to work in collaboration with us to design and even help deliver services. .  

The co-operative charter

Our ambition - Oldham is committed to developing a Co-operative future; one where citizens, partners and staff work together to improve the borough. We want all members of the community to play an active part in building our co-operative borough. This means everybody doing their bit.

Our values - To help make this ambition a reality we have developed Co-operative Values. We will encourage our staff, citizens and partners to adopt these values in everything they do:

  • Fairness - We will champion fairness and equality of opportunity, and ensure working together brings mutual benefits and the greatest possible added value. We will enable everyone to be involved.
  • Openness - We will be open and honest in our actions and communications. We will take decisions in a transparent way and at the most local level possible.
  • Responsibility - We take responsibility for, and answer to our actions. We will encourage people to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Mutual benefits go hand-in-hand with mutual obligations.
  • Working together - We will work together and support each other in achieving common goals, making sure the environment is in place for self-help.
  • Accountability - We recognise and act upon the impact of our actions on others, and hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Respect - We recognise and welcome different views and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Democracy - We believe and act within the principles of democracy, and promote these across the borough.

Our co-operative council

Within the council we are working to ensure all of our policies, procedures and practices are co-operative. This means we’ve made fundamental changes to the way the organisation works.

  • Living Wage - Demonstrating our commitment to fair and ethical business practices, we’ve introduced the Living Wage across the council, ensuring that no member of staff earns less than the local cost of living.
  • Social value in procurement - As a co-operative council, we are committed to securing the best possible outcomes for our borough – social value offers us an important way to do this. Our procurement framework means that we will include social value outcomes in every new contract we let. 
  • Fair Employment Charter - We want to build a fair and prosperous local economy where everyone does their bit and everybody benefits. We believe that fair local employment is central to our ambitions for Oldham - thriving businesses with proud and committed staff. Our Fair Employment Charter is all about ensuring fairness.

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