Executive Recruitment

Organisation structure

Leader of the council

Jean Stretton became the Leader of Oldham Council on January 27, 2016.

She succeeded Jim McMahon in the post having served as Deputy Leader since June 2014.

The office

The Council operates a "strong leader" cabinet model, under which the person elected to be the Leader of the Council personally holds all the executive decision making powers.

It a matter of discretion for the Leader whether he/she exercises those powers personally or delegates them.

The Leader may delegate his/her power to:

  • The Cabinet
  • A Cabinet Member
  • A Committee of the Cabinet
  • An Officer in consultation with a Cabinet Member

The Leader will also:

  1. Provide appropriate political and strategic leadership and direction for the Council
  2. Appoint between one and eight councillors, plus a deputy leader, to serve as the Council’s Cabinet
  3. Agree the division of cabinet portfolios
  4. Lead and chair the Cabinet to ensure its overall effectiveness
  5. Ensure effective communication of all executive decisions to the Council and public
  6. Ensure that the Cabinet manages the business of the Council within the policy framework and financial limits set by full Council
  7. Be the main member representative of the Council, acting as an ambassador and champion for Oldham and the Council in dealing with the community, businesses, voluntary and community sectors and other local and national organisations, other than in respect of ceremonial events.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is made up of a Leader, a Deputy Leader and up to 9 councillors appointed by the Leader.

The Cabinet is responsible for strategic decisions and recommends proposals for approval by full Council on the budget, Council Tax levels and the Council’s policy framework.

The Cabinet can form committees, working groups and panels. For example, a sub committee of the Cabinet has been formed to take decisions about Trust Land within the Borough.

Economy and Skills Cluster

Health and Wellbeing Cluster

Neighbourhoods and Cooperatives Cluster

Corporate Support

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for council employees, and operates in conjunction with department heads.

Our Chief Executive is Dr Carolyn Wilkins.

Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team comprises Oldham Council’s most Senior Officers.

EMT provides managerial leadership of the Council and supports Elected Members of the Council in:

  • Developing strategies
  • Identifying and planning resources
  • Delivering plans
  • Reviewing the Authority’s effectiveness with the overall objective of delivering a co-operative future where everyone does their bit to create a confident and ambitious borough

The team works together to achieve the most effective services possible for the Borough’s diverse communities.

It also ensures that Oldham plays a full part in national, regional and sub-regional activities.

EMT members

  • Chief Executive – Dr Carolyn Wilkins
  • Executive Director Corporate and Commercial Services  – Ray Ward
  • Executive Director Economy, Skills and Neighbourhoods – Helen Lockwood
  • Executive Director Health and Wellbeing – Maggie Kufeldt

For further information about Oldham's Councillors and the leadership team please click here.

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